Infinity-wow is a up and coming funserver planning to take the 3.3.5a community by storm! with full custom items, scripts including ingame shops, custom scripted bosses, custom item creation(controlled not OP)

The server is now released!

Balanced content, with progressive content already prepared (no waiting months for new content) all timeline based, giving a strong feeling of always making progression!

The server uses custom artifact and paragon systems that reward you for kills on mobs and allows you to purchase custom buffs and stats!

Custom talents to improve class performances

Fully custom proffesions to give a somewhat blizzlike feeling with the extra fun of a funserver! Craft your custom gems, enchants, glyphs and upgradeable items!

A full economy, using gold as a resource! Work the auction house to make millions and convert your gold to donor points! making the server fully f2p! 

Ran on a high end host to ensure a great gameplay experience!