[EXPIRED] A massive 25% boost FOR A WHOLE WEEK?!

With Infinite's birthday coming on the 15th, it has been decided to boost every single donation with an additional 25% donor points.

With a ton of new content coming along throughout the…

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New Documentation

With all our recent additions, we want our players to find it easy to keep track of everything we do, which is why we will add documentation pages to anything we find fitting. With your feedback and suggestions, we will be able to know what is most relevant…

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Vip Information

In Infinity-WoW, we have multiple levels of VIP levels. The three levels provide the same benefits with a slight increase between each VIP tier.
They all provide the same commands accessibility and it will not change at any point in time.


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Infinity WoW Coming Soon!

Infinity-wow is a up and coming funserver planning to take the 3.3.5a community by storm! with full custom items, scripts including ingame shops, custom scripted bosses, custom item creation(controlled not OP)

The server is now released!


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