Automated Events

Infinity-WoW currently has several automated random events, and they include the following:

Say the Word

This event generates and combines two randomly selected words from our listed word database and puts them together. The system sends these 2 words together via an announcement, and the first to repeat the sentence wins a prize. There can be only one winner, so keep that in mind!

Q: How long do we have for this event?
A: 90 seconds

Q: How do I repeat the words? Just in say chat?
A: You must do it via world chat (.c or .w in-game). It is also described when sent as an announcement

Q: What if I'm muted?
A: Then you cannot play

Q: Can I transfer my win to another character?
A: If the item is not soul or account-bound, you may do so

The prizes are one of these 3, with equal odds for every win:
- x1 to x2 Gold Bars
- x10 to x30 Spell Tokens
- x25 to x50 Armor Part


Beast Hunting

This event selects a random creature from our pre-selected creatures list and makes it a target for players to kill. The first one to kill the beast wins! There can be only one winner, so keep that in mind!

The beasts' location is undisclosed, so it would be wise to familiarize yourself with where each beast is located. You know, for your own good.

Q: Do I get a reward for dealing the most damage?
A: No, the last hit that killed the beast is all that matters

Q: Someone stole my kill! Is this allowed?
A: Considering this is a competitive event, yes, it is allowed and does not break any rules

Q: Can I group up and complete this event with my friends?
A: You can, but remember - only one of you can win

This event has 3 difficulties, and each difficulty grants one of three possible rewards:

- x1 to x2 Gold Bars
- x10 to x30 Spell Tokens
- x25 to x30 Armor Parts

- x2 to x4 Gold Bars
- x30 to x50 Spell Tokens
- x55 to 100 Armor Parts

- x4 to x6 Gold Bars
- x50 to x100 Spell Tokens
- x75 to x125 Armor Parts


If you win 10 events in a row, you will get a special prize: x1 Donation Token